Message from Commander Watts

Welcome to the Internet home of NABVETS BALTIMORE CHAPTER #0053.  In support of our Chapter, we wish to make this website a helpful resource for veterans of all military branches. We strive to provide information to you through our website as well as other informative website links that will help you with anything from obtaining information on starting your own business, becoming a member to contacting the Maryland Department of Veteran Affairs.  A warm invitation is extended to you when we have community events and celebrations.  Continue to follow the website as we post exciting events. Collectively, we wish to give back to our communities through mentorships, events, and networking.  Enjoy the information as you explore our website!


NABVETS is here to help all veterans regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.

NABVETS is a veterans service organization. We help veterans with getting their benefits, upgrading their discharges, and accessing the resources to improve their lives.

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SERVICES WE PROVIDENABVETS provides a variety of services to Veterans

Claims Representation

We help veterans get the benefits they are entitled to.

Discharge Upgrade

We help veterans get their discharges upgraded

Peer Counseling

We offer peer counseling for our veterans suffering PTSD and Socio-Psychological issues.

Incarcerated Veterans Outreach

We help veteran re-entry after incarceration

Homeless Veterans Services

We have resources available to help homeless veterans

Workforce Development

We help connect veterans to the right people and organizations to help them find jobs

Education Counseling

We help Veterans further their education by connecting them to the right resources

Community Outreach

We organize community service projects all around the city

Legislative Advocacy

We go to Annapolis and Washington D.C. to push legislation that help veterans and their families


Would you like to speak to one of our veterans services officers over the phone? Just submit your details and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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    “I just live every day to the highest and always find a way to give” is the personal philosophy of Vivian Mildred Bailey, affectionately called “Millie” or “Aunt Millie.” Born and raised in the Deep South, Ms. Bailey served in the United States Army during WWII as a Lieutenant and commanded a women’s unit. Ms.

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